Thursday, August 9, 2012

Andrea Cockerton & Angelo Meneguzzi

Andrea Cockerton
Andrea Cockerton is an independent pitch expert and advisor in United Kingdom. She has worked with over 350 entrepreneurs during her career in the business world. Her expertise revolves around “venture funding and business critical ideas.” As Andrea’s career expanded throughout the years, she has been able to hold entrepreneurial workshops, network events for businesses in the U.K. and has also helped large companies develop key talks in order to successfully impact the business world, (, 2011). Andrea has been part of the Microsoft team as well, (, 2011). Her experience and skills have also led her to be an MIT Enterprise Forum board member. Even though her career has helped hundreds of businesses, Andrea also co-founded a successful business herself in 2009 called Brick Handbag.

During an interview in 2008, Andrea Cockerton shared key information for a successful business plan. In her interview, Andrea mentions that it is important to ask for money from investors and bankers before there is no cash left. Andrea states, “Going to investors at too late a stage is a risky strategy. Better is to look at the long-term objectives and aspirations of the business and plan the fundraising sensibly into this long-term strategy,” (, 2008)She also focuses on the idea that there are three (3) essential components that a person must have in their business plan pitch. According to the interview, Andrea states, “that you are (1) targeting a growing market with a need for your product or service, (2) that the team is talented and able to execute the business plan, and (3) that your product, service or idea is groundbreaking,” (, 2008). These are key ideas that will help strengthen the pitch for financial backing. When investors review any business plan, they look for the reasons as to why this business needs to be established and what will make this business flourish amongst competitors. These are important factors to keep in mind during the business planning.

Angelo Meneguzzi

            Angelo Meneguzzi is a business professional with over a decade of experience in the business world. His ventures have allowed him to work alongside several start-ups in the technological world. In his most recent years, he has worked in “public relations, product development, and sales experience,” (, 2011). Mr. Meneguzzi has been able to find and take part of business opportunities that have resulted in millions of dollars of revenue, which have allowed the “global brand awareness and sales,” increase for StreamLogic (, 2011). He has been able to work with Disney, Upside Magazine, and ABC News amongst others, (, 2010).
            Mr. Menequzzi has developed several business plans while giving consulting advice to other businesses. Sometimes, new business owners question why it might be important to have a business plan made. Angelo states, “benefits include: a heads-up to changes in the environments, better forecasting, opportunities to analyze situations before they become problematic,” (, 2011). This also is similar to what Andrea Cockerton was stating. In addition to this, Angelo states, “Cash can make up for the other two to some extent, but not forever. Whereas the steps are to create an idea, craft a plan, continue the research, edit the plan, secure investment, and execute the plan,” (, 2011). Both consultants and business developers have the same concept in mind when discussing the importance of a team that knows their market. He states, “…there has to be a great team that understands their big/growing market and can execute the solidly crafted plan which at its core is simply a great investment,” (, 2011).

Keeping in mind that business plans are not as simple as it may seem, they will nonetheless keep the vision clear for both yourself and the investors you are approaching!


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